Design and creative

With an in house team, we work on all of the stages of graphic design and creative, covering the different needs of the client.

We create brands that confidently define your fundamental beliefs and adhere to a unified visual identity. We offer a valuable external perspective. We help to build brands from zero, or we re-evaluate existing brands, making sure that they are in line with your mission and your place in the market. Via interviews, observations and collective brainstorming, we challenge the preconceived ideas of the client about what they are as an organization. This leads the client to learn something new about the business and understand the positioning of the company in its sector.

Good advertising copy combines the objectives of the campaign with a voice and a tone that are unique to the brand, creating meaningful messages that inspire the campaign. A controlled vocabulary guided by values and a mission afford a sincere connection with the target audience. The objectives of the campaign can be as simple as “selling a product” or as abstract as “brand exposure”. They can be printed, digital, multimedia or all three, as long as they are part of a joint effort.

We help to create campaign ideas that coincide with the client’s objectives. We identify the target audience and we suggest creative services and outlet channels (graphics to facilitate the understanding of data; attractive newsletters that prompt the consumer to click and to get more information about a product or service; accessible and efficient; landing pages to give online presence to a product or service…) to make use of them in an effective way.

We design and develop webpages from a complete and professional perspective, as one of the most important manifestations of a brand and always in close collaboration with our clients and corporate communication teams, who control the creation of content and employ the appropriate styles. We always have in mind that a website is probably the greatest piece of advertising material that is presented to the audiences of our clients, and as such we take care of all of the steps, until all the images are unified and the messages completely coherent.

Our web design processes allow us to add our own value to our clients when the website is integrated into their brand and their campaigns. We inject a high level of thinking and great care into the creation of webpages that truly make sense, that are coherent with the essence of the company, that are visually attractive, but without forgetting that they must be built upon a structure that optimizes as much as possible SEO criteria in order to help with their online positioning.

Finally, we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers (printers, production, etc…) which allows us to be operational and fast, but also avoid any mistakes in the final artwork: presentations, folders, posters, flyers, signage, restaurant menus, business cards, brochures, books…

The work of the team at comma is fundamental for my law firm. With great dedication, professionalism, proximity and a lot of talent, they have brought me visibility in a world that is as competitive as the law. The agency is the Ferrari of communication. Once you get inside, you don’t want to come out.

Paloma ZabalgoPaloma Zabalgo, Despacho Paloma Zabalgo, Family lawyer – Managing director