Communication training

Spokespeople training

In a time when practically everyone compiles information and tells stories, both in the traditional media and social media, the success of an organization can greatly depend on well-qualified spokespeople. And while the training of spokespeople is fundamental, it is also important to have clear messages, have prior knowledge of the information that your interlocutors may request and prepare the most complete position paper possible.

Not everyone is suitable to be a spokesperson, which is why it is important to include a section to identify and train a company’s spokespeople in a communication strategy. You can have excellent communication skills, good presence in front of the camera and a fantastic smile, but if you are not clear about the message and are unable to deal with your interlocutor, you run the risk of making a fool out of yourself. Without a doubt, identifying and training people who are able to transmit a corporate message is a task that cannot be left to chance.

The aim of comma’s training workshops is to educate a company’s official spokespeople about the essence of communication and relationships with the media, so that they get a better knowledge of the way that journalists work, as well as learning communication techniques and the necessary experience to properly appear before their target audiences.

The training sessions are made up of two parts: one that is theoretical, to find out what communication is and what it means, to teach communication skills and work on interpersonal influence; and another that is practical, with exercises in front of the camera, practice press conferences, phone calls and any other situation that could arise from day to day. All of the work that is carried out during the course will be analysed in order to suggest areas that could be improved. The courses are tailor- made and take into account the experience or lack thereof of the designated spokesperson, as well as the key messages of each of the organizations with which we are working.

Public speaking

With help from professionals who specialize in public speaking, and theatre, we design tailor-made courses that adjust to the needs of the spokesperson, in order to overcome any potential training gaps in this area.

Training in digital skills

More and more, companies communicate with consumers, prescribers, patients, regulators, bloggers and analysts via social media. The strength of these new channels lies in the fact that they give all of us a voice, and we can communicate both good and bad news in a question of seconds. In both cases, this possibility is treated like a genuine threat by companies, when, normally, there are more advantages than disadvantages. These public forums allow us to influence perceptions, start conversations and suggest ideas. However without training, preparation and the proper steps, even the most solid professional can be tripped up. So why don’t companies invest in digital skills for their spokespeople?

At comma we offer fast and tailor-made immersion courses, complete programs designed so that the most senior profiles at companies can get up to date on everything they need to know about the new forms of communication and relationships.

We also count on a kind of in-company training that is focused on middle managers and technicians that is aimed at imparting knowledge about the background of the social web, its principles and characteristics, identifying the main social networks, their use and usefulness. At the end of the workshop, all of the participants will be able to use social media in a safe way and in line with corporate strategy. The prior preparation phase of the course includes a brief consultation in which the social networks that can provide the greatest value to the client are identified. The recommended duration of the workshop is six hours, and the groups should be small, with a maximum of 10 or 12 people.

Executive coaching of teams and organizations

Our coaching services are focused on four usual needs in organizations:

  • Development strategies for people in specific skills
  • Development strategies for teams toward high performance
  • Development strategies of an organization toward critical objectives
  • Analysis and resolution of complex problems

The workshops that we offer combine executive coaching methodologies and design thinking, and allow for the understanding of what professionals think and feel about key issues for the organization. Using everyone’s ideas, a solution to the problem is planned and the appropriate way to focus the situation is decided upon.

One part of the methodology is based on building abstract concepts with concrete material. Communicating ideas and feelings in three dimensions (height, size and perspective) via the methodology known as LEGO® Serious Play®, which uses a special set of LEGO® pieces and specific dynamics in the development of the workshop.

It’s disruptive, creative and innovative, and it offers big solutions to organizations.

comma is helping us to transform the external communication of our company, opening up new channels of communication and offering value to our interactions with different interlocutors in the health sector.

Jesús SobrinoUCB - General Manager