Digital marketing

Digital marketing (or online marketing) is a combination of techniques that are used in the media and on internet channels.

The aim is to take maximum advantage of online resources and opportunities in order to promote an idea, a business or a brand in an efficient manner. There are different online marketing strategies and a host of tools to implement them.

At comma we are committed to content marketing because it is based on creating useful and interesting content that elicit a positive reaction among users. Its main advantage is that it allows for the progressive construction of a community with shared interests, as well as the chance to interact with that audience to get to know it better. Good content creates trust and credibility; it is, as such, the foundation of any communication or business strategy.

Content can have different formats (images, infographics, videos, texts, guides, tutorials magazines, e-books, presentations, etc.) and can be shared via different channels: blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Pinterest, etc.

Social media are a very powerful tool for content marketing, but social media campaigns will only be efficient and profitable with the right strategies. For a correct definition of the strategy, you need to respond to a series of questions, such as: Who is our target audience? Which channels do they use and which don’t they use? What are our objectives: reputation, branding, conversation…? What kind of traffic should be used: organic, paid, both…? What measuring systems should be used for campaigns in order to optimize the return on investment? Should we count on the use of influencers in a bid to make the defined campaigns viral?

In order to develop successful strategies in digital environments it is important to count on several basic tools:

  • SEO. There are many ways to drive traffic to a website, but the traffic that comes from Google is unique, making it the “Holy Grail” for content marketing. Good work with SEO can multiply traffic by 10 or even 100 compared to a website that has not been optimized.
  • Email marketing. here are still a lot of people for whom “archaic” email continues to be by far the most profitable online communication channel. At comma we
    believe that good content and good subscriber acquirement strategy can create a loyal community and a way to reach subscribers/clients at any time given that the relationship with them can be controlled 100%.

What’s more, we work with different tools that complement the basic needs of digital marketing, such as advertising, programmatic advertising, web analytics, big data, blockchain, Google Adwords campaigns, mobile marketing, native advertising…

I greatly appreciate the work that was carried out by the professionals at comma. Their work is agile and efficient. There is a high level of coordination between the different co-workers at the agency, in order to find information from clients that can be useful for journalists. What’s more, their accessibility and availability are high, and they have a high level of knowledge about how a newsroom works, something that greatly facilitates the relationship.

Miguel Moreno MendietaCinco Días - Journalist