Audiovisual production

We believe in the power of an image, especially in our sector, to communicate ideas and transmit sensations.

We communicate by vocation; with dedication, passion and commitment. With the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” as our motto, the audio-visual department offers personalized attention as part of our service.

With a proactive, self-critical and creative team, we do not just focus on what the client is asking us for; we also offer our own ideas, ones that are linked to their needs and the target audience. As well as the creation of audio-visual material we offer individual consulting and personalized digital videos personalizados, dedicating the time needed to each project and client in order to achieve the best results.

Our services cover the entire creative process. Starting with analysis and the creation of a literary and graphic script, followed by image capture (either still or moving). Our job ends with the editing and postproduction of the filmed material in which the content and the aesthetics of the final project are combined to perfection. This last stage also includes the animation of images and graphics.

Our work process is summed up in three steps:

  • Preproduction: one of the most important phases within audio-visual work. This is where the budget, the resources to be used, the professionals who will be involved, the space and the locations, among other things, will all be decided. It’s preparatory work during which the entire project that is going to be carried out will be planned in an exhaustive and realistic way, as well as defining what will be needed.
  • Production: all the decisions that are made in preproduction take shape in this stage, which is why it is so important for the first stage to be carefully mapped out. This is when we work together in a coordinated way with all of the teams inside and outside the department.
  • Postproduction: after making a selection of the best material that has been recorded and/or captured, the editing stage comes next. This phase includes everything from music rights (should they be necessary), to the coordination of the editing time. This phase gets the same attention and care as the previous ones. All of the work that has been carried out so far depends on this last one. Without good editing, all the planning and the filmed material are of practically no use at all.

What’s more, with this service we offer support in the training of spokespersons and the simulations of press conferences, interviews, speeches… so that our clients can practice in order to acquire the skills needed for meetings with their target audiences.

Comma guarantees a professional and fruitful relationship in the world of communication. With a solid team, with very good contacts, comma is a guarantee of serious access to interesting information from a range of sectors. In the years that I have had a chance to work with its professionals, there have never been any errors or self-serving manipulations.

Santiago CarcarBez - Journalist