THE agency

comma is an integral agency that offers strategic communication consulting for companies, organizations and individuals on both the national and international stages.

With more than 20 years of experience – comma is the new name for Silvia Albert in company – and proven expertise, we are exploring new ideas and we are innovating in the field of communication with the aim of offering our clients real results. We research, analyse, study and work to manage reputations, to handle your communication, work on intangibles, guide the digital conversation and ensure that there is coherence between what is said and what is done.

Increasingly, communication is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to shining a light on the values and behaviours of companies. With a marked proactive attitude, comma accompanies its clients in all phases of the process of the conversation with its target audience, via all the appropriate channels, and with a clear focus on meeting objectives and following a clear strategy.

Thanks to the use of an in-house diagnostic tool, the Strategic Positioning Map ©, we design all of the communication tasks that need to be executed, laying them out in a well-defined strategy that includes: corporate communication, specialized communication (health, finance, industrial…), crisis communication, digital marketing, audio-visual production, design and creative, and training in communication and team coaching.

Our professional team is highly dedicated and has years of experience behind it, having been trained in the know-how of comma after many years of multidisciplinary experience. It can offer innovative solutions that are consistent with the fundamental purpose of a company. Thanks to being in a constant “active listening” mode, we adequately identify the problems and/or needs of our clients in order to identify and propose solutions, many of which are based on co-creation.

For us, the creation of a sensible narrative, one that is consistent with the philosophy and way of being of our clients, allows us to carry out a professional, transparent and effective job, turning us into their allies and partners in the long term.

Say hello to the team

Silvia Albert directora general agencia comma

Silvia Albert

General manager

I’m older than I am smart, which is my salvation. I have been linked to the worlds of communication and business my whole life. They are my passion. Words are my natural medium and stringing them together is my vocation. I enjoy working with people and I’m very demanding – with myself too. THE agency was a dream that was within my reach, and has now been a reality for 20 years. I feel really proud. I’m as direct as I am affectionate. Challenges trigger me. And solving them within a team fascinates me.
Rosa Matías Directora de proyectos Agencia Comma

Rosa Matías

Project manager / Digital communication

I believe in good journalism, in the talent that people have, in the ability for individual transformation and in the new challenges and horizons for in-company communication. I’m a journalist and a coach, and my professional life has been split between these two passions. I love the new horizons that digital transformation is presenting us with, and I dedicate time to analysing all of the implications that they bring with them for communication in companies and institutions. I’m proud to have been part of comma for more than 10 years and of wellcomm, a space for rethinking the profession and observing talent in communication.
Eduardo Ríos Director de gestión global Agencia Comma

Eduardo Ríos

Director of global management

I’m an engineer, marketeer and IT specialist by training, and a business manager by trade. I’ve spent more than 20 years managing very diverse teams across a range of sectors, taking on varied responsibilities, including strategic planning director at Telefónica, head of operations in the VIPS Group (VIPS, Starbucks, etc.), and business- consulting entrepreneur.

As such I am used to working on the definition and improvement of business models, creating new opportunities, better ways of working and creating committed and consistent teams, both in the comma agency, as well as with clients who have that need.

Gabriel Navarro

Creative director

I was a maritime lawyer and I worked in a number of international law firms until I opted for a radical change of course, and I discovered that my professional environment needed to be more dynamic, frenetic and, of course, much more visual. Branding is my great passion, and I add value to brands via strategic and creative communication campaigns.
Rosa del Blanco Directora Comunicacion Sector Financiero Agencia Comma

Rosa del Blanco

Director of the financial sector communication area

Communication and public relations strategist, and journalist specializing in the world of finance. For more than 15 years, I have been creating, managing and implementing communication strategies for fund managers, private banks, investment banks, commercial banks, insurers, brokers, fintechs and robo-advisors. My headline: look beyond your relationships with the media. I champion the importation of the meaning of the term “PR” into Spain. I develop and participate in outreach initiatives to bring the worlds of investment and finance to the general public. I also write #twitteratura.
Cristina Rubio Consultora Senior Agencia Comma

Cristina Rubio

Senior consultant

I’m a journalist specializing in corporate and financial communication. I have worked in a range of companies and institutions in Spain, England and Belgium. After a long period of training in Europe, I landed in one of the best communication agencies in the country: comma. Every day of the five years that I’ve been on the team has formed part of my personal and professional progress. I’m passionate about writing, creativity and storytelling, and a staunch defender of the value of communication in corporations.
Laura Seoane Consultora Senior Agencia Comma

Laura Seoane

Senior consultant

Journalist and communicator. comma has been my school since 2010, after several experiences as an intern in online media and communication departments in companies. My curiosity and my passion for traveling prompted me to take a three- year pause, which I took advantage of to get to see the world, live and work in other countries, start writing and direct a documentary, and to train as a professional text corrector. Don’t ask me how I have ended up working hand-in-hand with the financial sector... As a senior consultant, I help my clients to tell the world about the best of themselves in an honest and efficient way. I love surprises – as long as they don’t arrive on a Monday morning.
Teresa Amor Consultora Senior Agencia Comma

Teresa Amor

Senior consultant / Social Media

More than 20 years’ experience in journalism and communication have left me equally in love with both professions. I learned how to write a headline, to write well and quickly, and to get stuck in under any circumstances at the EFE Agency, COPE, Onda Madrid, the Metro daily... That’s how I learnt the value of communication. I had the opportunity to work in (and learn about) communication in public administrations, in election campaigns, in the areas of Public Affairs and Crisis Communication at Llorente y Cuenca. And I am still learning with every new challenge in this profession, where you are always starting from scratch.
Carlos Balaguer Consultor Agencia Comma

Carlos Balaguer


Having got my degree in Journalism at Madrid’s Complutense University, I joined the team at Silvia Albert in company in 2013, supporting the communication of clients such as Bombardier Transportation, IHE (the professional organization of tax inspectors), Paloma Zabalgo Family Lawyers, UCB Pharma and SIMA (Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition).
Currently my areas of responsibility include the communication of associations and foundations, transport companies, construction and infrastructure and the education and legal sectors.
I have also taken part in crisis-communication projects (updating procedures and incorporating news protocols into crisis communication manuals), and among my responsibilities are: the development and implementation of email marketing campaigns, as well as corporate communication and public relations strategies.
Fernando Martínez Consultor Senior Agencia Comma

Fernando Martínez

Consultor senior

Periodista de formación y vocación. Siguiendo la Bolsa, las he visto de todos los colores: del 11-S al 11-M; de la apoteosis del ladrillo y los máximos históricos del Ibex a la quiebra de Lehman Brothers y el batacazo posterior de los mercados o las acampadas del 15-M… En 2013 empecé una nueva vida profesional en la otra orilla de la información, la de la comunicación y, desde entonces, cada día que pasa aprendo algo nuevo. Me encantan las historias bien contadas.
Carolina García Consultora Senior Agencia Comma

Carolina García


Mi nombre es Carolina y me encanta la comunicación y el PR tanto como las croquetas o la lasaña (todo casero, por favor). Llevo trabajando en esta profesión desde 2014, cuando empecé en el departamento de comunicación de una ONG francesa. Después, he seguido trabajando en agencias de comunicación internacionales con clientes de sectores muy muy diversos: jurídico y legal, salud, asegurador, transporte, lujo, consumo…hasta haber acabado, ahora, en el sector financiero, en el que trabajo mano a mano con alguna de las gestoras de inversiones más importantes a nivel global.

Soy carne de comma y total defensora de su importancia en el mundo empresarial e institucional, sobre todo en los tiempos que corren en los que las fake news y la manipulación mediática están a la orden del día.

Mónica Bernardo Consultora Senior Agencia Comma

Mónica Bernardo

Senior consultant / Social Media

A journalist by vocation, I’m committed to helping companies create a brand and an identity, via differentiating communication strategies that allow them to convey their messages with authority and connect with their potential audience.1

My 20 years of professional dedication to communication have been developed in a number of different areas: media outlets, PR agencies and companies, which has allowed me to take on projects with a global outlook. My specialization is focused on the area of health, well-being and consumerism. Shall we work together?


Oliver Serrano

Senior consultant / Social media

A psychologist specializing in digital communication, social network analysis and online community management. Freelance consultant and trainer for a number of public and private institutions, I have been collaborating with the comma agency – which I consider to be my family – since the year 2012 in the strategy and development of digital ecosystems for different clients in the health, real estate and financial sectors.

Sara Martín


I don’t write with words, I write with sounds and images, whether they are static or moving. I speak with colours, textures, with drawings and animation, with light and dark, with forms, symmetry, impossible angles, with art. I collect shots in the street and sometimes I stumble because I am reading while on the move. After years thinking that I would have a future as an actress, I discovered production, and with it, the whole universe that lies behind the stage, the cameras, the marvels that are hidden by what can’t be seen but nonetheless can communicate. I’m passionate about reading, discovering, always learning and enjoying everything.
Pedro Pareja Diseñador Gráfico en Agencia Comma

Pedro Pareja


Given that I have a degree in economics, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I should be in the finance area in the agency. But no. After years of coordinating a helpdesk, and later diving through balance sheets and risk management, one day I decided to put a comma in my story and change direction. I wanted to reinvent myself and follow my passion for graphic design. At comma, I enjoy the daily challenge of graphically representing the needs of our clients, whether it’s via an infographic, a book, a corporate ident or a webpage.
Joan Agencia Comma

Joan Espuny


I was born in Barcelona and I trained at the Llotja Graduate School of Art and Design, doing Graphic Design Final Art. Later I studied Graphic Design at the Serra y Abella Graduate School of Art. For two years I worked as a webpage designer at Consuldata Advertising Media Planning. After this period, I studied graphic design at the IED Barcelona (European Institute of Design) for three years, during which time I did four months of work experience at Imagine Creative Ideas. When I finished, I worked as a freelancer doing jobs for a range of clients. Since 2015, I have worked at the comma communication agency.

Daniel Larena


My curiosity for video production and image related tech lead me to study Journalism and Media Studies at Carlos III University in Madrid. Since the very first year I started working as an intern in a video production company for tv, Producciones Mala-Mala, specialized in news coverage. During my first year there I worked mostly as a production assistant, and eventually upgrade to camera operator and step from intern to part-time worker. The knowledge acquired there allowed me to start working also as a freelance, and since then I've been involved in all sorts of jobs as audiovisual reporter, filmmaker and events production and organization. Also as a student, I joined for a few months the communication department at the NGO Oxfam Intermón. Soon after finishing my studies I started working as coordinator of the audiovisual department at Fundación Ortega y Gasset – Gregorio Marañón, where I worked till October 2018 when I decided to change my life and move to Melbourne, Australia, looking for new challenges. In the time that I spent there, I collaborate with different companies creating audiovisual content and marketing campaigns for social media and online platforms. Now, with the will to reinvent myself, I join Agencia comma as a corporate communication consultor with the enthusiasm of being part of this great team, that stands for their professional and human quality.
Raquel Pernia Consultora Agencia Comma

Raquel Pernia

Talent in training

My name is Raquel Pernia, I graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the Madrid Complutense University. I got started in the world of communication in the year 2016, when I joined the innovation teaching project “Real social teaching method project,” which I was a part of for two years. I joined comma in June 2018, and I am currently a junior consultant, providing support for the communication management of a number of fund managers. What’s more, I have a clear inclination toward online media consumption, the digital area and new technologies.
Enrique Agencia Comma

Enrique Gómez


Wedded to moving images and a lover of photography, I’m a journalist and communicator by vocation. Having worked previously at other media outlets, such as La Razón and Telecinco, this new sector is a challenge for me. I’ve faced this new stage of my professional career with great excitement and filled with great expectations. Being creative, proactive and critical of my own work, I share the philosophy of the comma agency and its search for excellence in each project.
Natalia Martín Administración y servicios generales Agencia Comma

Natalia Martín

Administration and general services

After more than 19 years in this agency, where I have been learning new things on a daily basis, I consider myself to be truly passionate about the world of communication. I’m tireless, very organized and an extreme perfectionist. I love working in a team and providing help to anyone who needs it.