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Our professional trajectory has taken us through different sectors and specializations. We have always worked in the financial industry the financial sector, but also with companies in transportation, health, education, leisure, real estate, construction… Currently we continue to work with companies in the financial finance sector, but also technology and energy.

We communicate on alternative financing of the energy transition with investment banking firms, fund managers, fintechs, alternative financing, online brokers, crypto-assets, renewable energies, electric mobility…, but also with professional mutuals or law firms.

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“”Thanks to our global campaign we have managed to give voice to the retail investor worldwide and comma has helped us to achieve this also in Spain, adapting the content to the interests of their market, producing original local reports and leading the local campaign with proactivity and always in a coordinated and aligned way with the global strategy”.

Tali Salomon

eToro's Regional Director for Iberia and Latam

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