We have been passionate about our profession for more than 24 years. We mix curiosity and professionalism in equal parts, and we are committed to efficiency and ethics. Maybe that’s why we are happy people who make people happy. Let’s eat children. Let’s eat, children. Everything communicates.

The power
of communication

‘Having power’ and ‘being able to do’ makes the unimaginable possible. That is what communicating is all about. Let us show you the way with facts. If only a comma is capable of changing the meaning of reality, imagine what we can do with knowledge, strategy and courage. This is about collective intelligence, about coming together.

Don’t have mercy! Don’t, have mercy!

Silvia Albert

Founder and CEO of comma

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El precio de la comunicación

Atmósfera comma

Discover the space where you can feel and live the meaning of “communication is power”. We are in the heart of Chamberí neighborhood, in Madrid, surrounded by everything you may need (parking, stores, bars, good people…) It is a territory where you can celebrate, share, present, debate, show, enjoy…