Monthly communication trends December 2022

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Here we share with you the latest trends report on the communication sector; A resource for professionals, in summary format, to find out the latest news and trends in communication, thanks to the analysis of the most important topics in the social-digital debate, the most relevant news and opinion leaders;

Several of the conclusions of the December analysis revolve around the intrinsic responsibility of the communication function, understood as a duty in favour of a collective benefit;

Trends of the month:

  • This month highlights the viralization of the Christmas campaign by J&B ‘She’, which, in addition to the flood of emotional messages, was caused by the divergence of opinions it raised.
  • The second important trend is related to scientific communication and dissemination, specifically the dissemination role of professionals who, on some occasions, have more impact than the institutions they work for;
  • The third trend of the month has to do with the debate about whether or not social networks are a means of communication; The debate has been revived in the wake of statements by Elon Musk claiming that Twitter is apublisher (media), which can have very negative legal and economic consequences;

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