Monthly communication trends February 2023

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Monthly trends in communication January 2023

We present the latest trends report on the communication sector, corresponding to the month of February 2023. A resource for professionals, in summary format, to find out the latest news and trends in communication, thanks to the analysis of the most important topics in the social-digital debate, the most relevant news and opinion leaders;
The conclusions of February’s analysis revolve around consumer behaviour and the importance of knowledge versus AI capabilities;
The trends of the month have been:
  • The Spanish Government’s announcement of the new budget for the institutional advertising campaigns has raised controversy as every time it is made public, but this year fuelled by being an election year.
  • The second major trend is related to the emergence of artificial intelligence in communication; This month we have observed – even more so – a realmedia and conversational boomwith pros and cons of this technology..
  • The third trend has to do with the latest measures taken by Netflix and the reactions among consumers; It seems that the platform has listened and has decided to back off in our country, although the pilot test is still underway in other countries.
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