Monthly communication trends January 2023

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Monthly trends in communication January 2023
Below, we share with you the latest trends report on the communication sector. A resource for professionals, in summary format, to find out the latest news and trends in communication, thanks to the analysis of the most important topics in the social-digital debate, the most relevant news and opinion leaders;

The conclusions of January’s analysis revolve around media polarisation and brand identity and authenticity in the digital sphere.

Trends of the month:

  • Following theviralisation of Shakira’s song BZRP, Brands such as Casio and Twingo have been trending thanks to the song’s huge impact and the activity of parody corporate accounts;
  • The second major trend is related toextreme polarisation, around the founder of Mercadona, Juan Roig. A debate in which political and other leading figures have participated, and which has also been fuelled by journalists and the media;
  • The third trend of the month has to do with the launch of several reports on communication, including: the EDELMAN barometer, the LLYC report on Trends in corporate communication and, finally, the IAB Top digital trends report;
In relation to the polarisation around certain public figures, and referring to the EDELMAN barometer which deals precisely with this issue, it is worth underlining the risk faced by the media in fostering certain partisan or dualistic views; This has been proven to directly affect their loss of trust and credibility;

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