Monthly communication trends March 2023

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Monthly trends in communication January 2023

The latest trends report on the communication sector is now available. A resource for professionals, in summary format, to find out the latest news and trends in communication, thanks to the analysis of the most important topics in the social-digital debate, the most relevant news and opinion leaders;

The conclusions of the March analysis revolve around the sustained sound communication on AI and inactivity and the absence of specialised debate in the communication sector on the Ferrovial affair;

The trends in March were:

  • The announcement of Ferrovial’s move of its headquarters to the Netherlands has generated a stir and a digital and social debate, but we have seen the absence of the communications sector, which has not expressed itself in this reputational crisis of the company.
  • The second important trend is related to 8M, International Women’s Day.. Most of the news and impacts refer to information about female talent, in a generally positive and rather naïve tone; The few criticisms found speak to the pay gap and the lack of women’s voice and representation in the sector and in management positions;
  • The third trend has to do with the rise of the podcast. Audio communication is a growing trend that is already making use of artificial intelligence to get the most out of this format;

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