Monthly communication trends November 2022

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Once again this month, we share the communication trends report. A summary of the latest news in the sector that serves as a resource for the latest developments, the most important topics in the social-digital debate and the most relevant news and opinion leaders of the month;

This third report includes an extra analysis: a network of the best positioned keywords on communication within the conversation.

In this November, the main conclusion of the analysis is the rise of digital, which consolidates its position as a transversal axis within communication, since all trends are influenced, to a greater or lesser extent, by some digital agent; Derived from this, we draw two other conclusions:

  1. AI emerges as a topic of debate in communication;
  2. Controversy and provocation, double-edged weapons for gaining visibility through the viralisation.

In the analysis of the top issues – those that have had the greatest impact on the conversation and media coverage – we find one that has garnered much more attention than the rest: Elon Musk’s behaviour and the future of Twitter. Musk is mentioned in articles on leadership and internal communication, and other alternative social networks such as Mastodon are also referred to;

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