The newsletter: a powerful communication tool

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Nowadays, information flows faster and faster and people’s attention has become a scarce resource. Newsletters can therefore be a powerful tool to keep your audience informed, build follower loyalty and/or promote engagement with your brand, company or project as long as we use it correctly.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter, formerly known as news bulletin, is an online communication format that allows companies, organisations, individuals or brands to stay in touch with their audience via email. This is a periodic mailing (daily, weekly, fortnightly… you decide!) containing relevant information, news, tips or any other content of interest to your subscribers. It can consist of text, images, links, videos or other multimedia content, depending on the objectives and preferences of your target audience.

What is a newsletter for?

The objectives of a newsletter can be very varied, but it is important to be clear about them before launching it; this way you will be able to design it with the type of content that best suits what you need your organisation to have. Among them:

Inform and educate;

It allows your subscribers to be updated about news, events, products or services of a specific topic, company or project; It can also be an opportunity to share relevant information, useful tips, practical guides or other content that generates value for your audience.

Loyalty and relationship building

By maintaining constant communication with your subscribers, a newsletter helps to build strong and lasting relationships; It will allow you to maintain an open dialogue, answer questions, receive feedback and build trust in your brand or project.

Generate traffic and visibility;

By including links to relevant content, either from your own website or from other interesting channels, a newsletter can generate additional traffic and increase visibility;

Increase business opportunities

Take advantage of the newsletter to promote specific products or services, offer discounts or exclusive coupons to your subscribers, or even to invite them to interesting events, courses or webinars; If you can keep your subscribers engaged and interested in what you offer, you will be creating a direct channel to generate sales and promote the growth of your business or brand;

How to create an effective newsletter?

Before launching your newsletter, it is important that you are very clear about the previous steps to create and manage it effectively:

Define your objective;

The first and most important thing, before starting to send a newsletter, is to clearly define what you want to achieve with it and to think whether it makes sense to launch it or not; Do you want to inform, educate, build loyalty, build relationships, generate traffic, increase visibility or increase your business opportunities? Being clear about your goals will help you focus your efforts and measure results effectively;

Define your audience;

We live in the microfragmentation of the audience; Who do you need/want to address? It is advisable to make a buyer persona of who your potential reader is; Not all subscribers have the same interests and needs, so it is important to think carefully about who you want your reader to be; Asking yourself all these questions before you create your newsletter will help you to personalise your content and send more relevant and tailored messages to your audience; Most importantly, always keep it in mind, make it feel unique and listen to it continuously to nuance and correct the way you address it.

Take care of the design and presentation

A visually appealing and well-structured newsletter is more likely to capture the attention of subscribers; Use a clean design, include quality images and make sure the content displays correctly on different devices and email platforms;

Provide valuable content;

The content of your newsletter must be relevant and provide value. Do not write just to write, because many people already do that and it creates a lot of noise. Avoid self-promotion and focus on providing useful information, practical tips, interesting news and really exclusive content for your subscribers;

Set a sending frequency and always stick to it

Think about how regularly you want to send your newsletter, plan your mailings and always keep to the dates you set; So your audience will know when to expect news from you; Finding the right balance in delivery frequency is the key;

Constantly observe and analyse;

Always analyse the results using tracking and analysis tools to measure the effectiveness of your newsletter; It is important to look at open rates, link clicks, audience growth or other relevant indicators to assess impact and make necessary adjustments to your strategy; Your newsletter must be alive and evolve according to the results achieved after each mailing;

Which tool to choose for your newsletter?

There are many tools nowadays, but it is important to choose the right one for you in order to simplify the process and get professional results; Here are some of the most popular:


MailChimp is perhaps one of the most popular and recognised tools for creating and sending newsletters; It offers a wide range of customisable templates and is very easy to use, allowing you to design attractive and professional newsletters without the need for advanced design skills;


ConvertKit is another alternative that has emerged as one of the top choices for content creators and bloggers. It provides advanced targeting and personalisation options and allows the automation of workflows, such as sending welcome sequences or creating customisable subscription forms to capture the attention of website visitors;

Brevo (Sendinblue)

Brevo is an email marketing platform that includes newsletter creation features; Its intuitive editor allows you to create visually appealing newsletters without the need for technical knowledge; It also has features such as A/B testing, workflow automation and detailed analytics to help you improve the effectiveness of your sends and understand subscriber behaviour;


MailerLite is a popular tool for those looking for a simple and easy to use newsletter solution; It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor with a variety of customisable templates; It also provides automation, audience targeting and performance analysis options to improve the reach and impact of campaigns;

To sum up;

In short, a well-designed and planned newsletter can be, nowadays, a powerful communication tool. It is important not to forget three key fundamentals: provide valuable content, encourage interaction and learn from the analysis of each other. If you deliver, your newsletter will help you raise awareness of your project, strengthen your brand image and build community;

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