Identifying elephants in communication

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When the English say there are elephants in the room, they mean those issues that we know exist but do not want to see; that we do not want to talk about; Not long ago José Manuel Velasco referred to them – the elephants – in his magnificent post about the blindness of leaders in ignoring what communication – as a function and as a skill – can do for their businesses before the elephant moves, i.e. when the fire (crisis) breaks out and the fire brigade (consultants) has to be called in;

As a provocative consultancy, we at comma couldn’t let this opportunity slip away; We want to continue contributing to the communication sector, and what better way than by identifying those elephants that exist, but we don’t want to see; Let’s give those elephants a voice… or rather, let’s use our voices to talk and debate them;

Comma has already launched a first podcast that was stopped because of the pandemic; Now we take up the challenge of continuing to talk about communication for those who want to listen and also to participate;

The aim of El elefante verde goes beyond finger-pointing. We want to participate in the transformation of the sector, of people and, why not, of the world through communication. We want to reflect on everything that is affecting an industry in turmoil in order to build and improve. Because we believe that we need a bit of agitation in order not to fall asleep in complacency.

Our intention is to facilitate a space of freedom in which to speak without fear, without limits, without qualms… about those ‘delicate’ subjects that inhabit the world of communication and that haunt us; And to do so from different voices, providing a much broader view, without complexes and without prejudices;

It is time to talk about communication.El elefante verde is a conversational podcast, hosted by our founder and CEO,Silvia Albert, a fortnightly programme, in which in each episode we will talk about a topic with a guest.It will be available on the platforms Ivoox, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

At the end of each chapter, we will ask the person accompanying us to come up with a new green elephant to work on and look in the eyes of in the following episodes; Also, through the social media of comma (Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) it will collect proposals and suggestions to be dealt with inEl elefante verde.

Welcome to the space where green elephants live.

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