The benefits of a liquid organisation

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The new reality is forcing us to look for more flexible and adaptable ways of running our organisations; If so, there is the possibility of becoming aliquid organisation.

In a liquid organisation, flexibility and change are essential; we can adapt quickly to the demands of our customers and our own organisation; This will allow us to remain competitive in today’s changing world;

What is a liquid organisation?

A liquid organisation is one that has a strong ability to adapt, both in time and form; flexibility and change in response to the demands of your customers and your own organisation to achieve objectives.

It is also an organisation that combines digitalisation, globalisation, sustainability and talent management effectively, knowing how to seize opportunities in the changing dynamics of the current context. In short, they are complete organisations, capable of thriving in any environment;

What are the benefits of a liquid organisation?

The benefits are many, but we highlight that:

1) It can quickly adapt to changes in the market or in its sector;

2) It can easily respond to customers’ demands;

3) It can more easily pivot to new markets or businesses;

4) It can better manage changes in its team;

5) It is more sustainable, both from an environmental and financial point of view;

How to make the transition to a liquid organisation?

Making the transition to a liquid organisation may seem daunting, but it is not impossible; To begin with:

  1. Let us set clear goals and objectives for our organisations;
  2. Let us be open to change and willing to experiment;
  3. Let us embrace new technologies and use them to our advantage;
  4. We expect our employees to be trained in the philosophy of flexibility and adaptability;
  5. We promote creativity and innovation throughout the company;
  6. Let’s stay focused on our customers and their needs;
  7. And finally, let us use communication to our advantage: transparency, consistency and awareness;

Here are some of the main steps to make transformation happen;

What are the challenges?

Running a liquid organisation brings with it some challenges;

The first is that it can be difficult to accept loss of control because we must trust employees to make decisions for themselves; It is also difficult to keep pace with ever-changing customer demands, and to be flexible enough to adapt to new situations;

But if we manage to overcome these challenges, the rewards will be an agile, innovative and adaptable organisation, perfect for today’s changing business landscape;

But is it all positive?

Well… There are some drawbacks; It is not easy to maintain permanent stability when so much is changing; Making sure everyone is on the same page at the same time when it comes to decisions and objectives is not always easy; It requires a lot of attention, perseverance and an enormous power of communication;

But the advantages of a liquid organisation certainly outweigh the disadvantages; With the ability to adapt quickly and easily to changing demands, we can stay ahead of the competition and keep our target audiences happy;

It is up to us to decide, although it is often the organisation itself that forces the transformation in the course of day-to-day business; It’s just a matter of being vigilant;

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