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How many women are in leadership positions in communication? It is true that, despite the fact that women represent 55.2% of the workforce in the communication sector according to IMCO, we do not represent the same percentage in management positions; Addressing this reality from the need to eliminate barriers and promote equal opportunities is everyone’s job; but it is also everyone’s job;

This small exercise in sectoral recognition is worthwhile on the occasion of the International Women’s Day to recognise the voice of 30 women in the world of communication, although there are many more of us; The 30 professionals that we bring you today in this tribute are women of reference, entrepreneurs, leaders, committed…

Among us, the network means recognition, responsibility and exchange; Let’s empower it; Today for these 30 women; Tomorrow, for as many others.

*The ranking is based on data extracted from Twitter;


women in communication

Mar Carrillo

Marketing, Digital communication / 47.452 followers / CMO. Marketing. Hootsuite Ambassador; Communication; Digital Marketing. CSR. Technology; Digitization; Retail. Metaverse; Teacher; Speaker.

Carmela Ríos

Journalism, Social Networks / 42.564 followers/ Journalist. Communications consultant at Prodigioso Volcán; Journalism and social media teacher; Happy in the water;

Renata Ávila

Technology, intellectual property / 39.030 followers / CEO @OKFN, NW Affiliate @StanfordHAI, @CIS_CNRS, Advisory @CreativeCommons, Board @openfutureEU @Whistleblower_N, Cofounder @aplusalliance @poly_lat @progintl

Patricia Fernández de Lis

Journalism, Science / 38,870 followers / Editor-in-chief of Science, Health and Technology in El País and founder of ‘Materia’; Concha García Campoy Lifetime Achievement Award; Feminist; Bugphyte;

Mar Cabra

Journalism, Digital communication / 20.701 followers / Aka Sea Goat. Journalism; Technology; Well-being; @selfinvestigate founder. @Acumen fellow @odise_ia @ICIJorg Pulitzer Prize. Long live (structural) change;

Tíscar Lara

Digital transformation / 17,331 followers / Director of digital transformation at Instituto Cervantes; Doctor. Harvard Visiting Scholar 2003 & UCLA Alumni 1998-9. #culturadigital #procomún

Èlia Guardiola

Storytelling / 15.760 followers / If you don’t tell your story, you don’t exist; I have #Storytelling oozing from my skin; I wrote HOGAR. International Keynote Speaker with a lot of motivation.

Amalia López Acera

Institutional Communication / 14.319 followers / Expert in digital communication in public administrations; Novagob’15, CNIS’16, DiaInternet’17, MujerDestacada’18 and Comunicadora’22 Awards;

Ana Ivars

Marketing, Social Media / 12.560 followers / Digital Marketing Consultant | Trainer | Speaker | CEO of Dinamiza Digital agency; I help you to sell more with digital strategy and online advertising;

Jessica Quero

Social Networks / 12.132 followers / Social Media Manager; Trainer and consultant in social media. Increase the visibility and sales of your company with a good strategy in social media.

Cristina Aced

Digital communication / 12.116 followers / Consultant, trainer and mentor in #DigitalCommunication for 15 years; Creator of the #LasImperdibles school for dircoms. I write books; Mamá

Natalia Marín

Digital Communication, Journalism / 11,292 followers / Editor in Chief of @reasonwhy. Intuition is not chance;

Bárbara Yuste

Digital communication, strategic communication/ 10.794 followers / Director of communications and Stakeholders Relationship at @GroupM_Espana #transformation #digital #content #reputation

Eva Añón

Health / 8,269 followers / PhD.I help Health professionals w/professional use of #SocialNetworks | Communication @sedolor | #TwitterSpaces #TwitterTalks

Ana Ordás

Science, Digital communication / 6,478 followers / Exploring worlds to transform Libraries. #Games #Gamification #DigitalCommunication; Freelance librarian

Mónica Prados

Marketing, Community Management / 5.940 followers / Gain visibility and connect with your customers with a good management of your social networks; Personalised strategy; Community manager. Journalist;

Lydia Gil

Science, Social Media / 5.269 followers / Documentary filmmaker merging science and social media; Social Media in Research, #WomenDisseminators and #RainScience

Luisa García

Corporate communication / 5,261 followers / Partner Llorente y Cuenca; Reader, traveller and eternal learner; Convinced that the visibility of female talent is an accelerator of equality;

Marta Fernández Rivera

Health, Marketing / 4.603 followers / Communication and Marketing in health with humanity and empathy; CoFounder @nmsaludentuvida #WOMENBI / @em_redes /#Sport and #Inclusion at @GaituzSport

Andrea Antelo

Community Management, Audiovisual Production/ 3.995 followers / Globetrotter; Collaborator at @HoyMkt -Freelance, Marketing consultant specialising in Instagram and Personal Branding; #oletna

Isabel Perancho

Strategic communication / 3,787 followers/ Media futurist. Founder of @CommsTribe Consultancy in incremental #communication strategy and new narratives @dircomSpain @Conversation_E

Natalia Sara Mendinueta

Crisis communication / 3.760 followers/ I help to communicate better #LoQueNoSeComunicaNoExiste Journalist. Expert Consultant in #CrisisCommunication #Reputation D°@SrLoboyFriends CoFounder @lawandtrends

Raquel Lainde

Journalism, Digital Communication / 3682 followers / #Diversity #Inclusion #Communication #DigitalTransformation In my spare time I look for ways to understand the world with the quixotic intention of improving my part;

Nagore García Sanz

Institutional Communication / 3.584 followers / Journalist, consultant specialising in communication for institutions and companies #communication #marketingdigital #socialmedia “Communicate the value of your brand”.

Rosa del Blanco

Financial communication, storytelling, corporate communication / 3,501 followers / Mariposa de #comunicación #PR #Periodista #Escritora #creatividad #Twitteratura #liderazgo #finanzas #fintech #educacionfinanciera. Agitator in @agencia_comma.

María José Bayo

Strategic communication / 2.805 followers / Journalist and consultant specialising in strategic communication; I advise companies on how to communicate effectively and innovatively; Mentoring leaders;

Imma Pérez

Sustainability, Innovation / 2,697 followers / I promote #sustainability for action and #innovation. I believe in #communication and #marketing with values.#Changemaker #EDS. In @Nottopic @lsh_initiative

Patricia Coll

Journalism, Science / 2,270 followers / Journalist @elpais_tec @lavanguardia #PhD Director Degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication @blanquernafcri @uramonllull Books @eddieresis @EditorialUOC

Cristina Ballester

Copywriting / 2.203 followers / I write so that you can sell. Visibilising projects with soul; Journalist and copywriter; The adventure begins with a yes; Are you coming?

Ludi García

Corporate Communication, Innovation / 1.679 followers / Managing Director @Hotwire_es, journalist and mother; Not necessarily in this order; Sport, my energy bonus; @Margarita_bly. President of ADC

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