Social Media Jobs: do you know them?

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Social media are here to stay, and are now key for any organization’s communication and PR strategy. That is why most companies need to pay great attention to the professionals they hire to handle their online reputation. This dependancy on social media presence is increasing and becoming more complex, therefore the potential for PR purposes is still to discover.

We  try to analyze in this post which main positions related with social media and PR are more relevant, and are necessary to achieve a really efficient and successful presence in social media:

Social Media Strategist

A social media strategist is- obviously  – responsible for the strategic interaction of the firm with its audience, creating their public profiles, and allowing them to interact with followers and fans in the social media sites. The social media strategist is responsible of the corporate digital identity, and will decide if the firm must have social media profiles in certain platforms, when and how often to publish, and what to publish. This role is key as it determines the way the company interacts with its public, with direct impact on its public image and reputation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist

The SEO specialist will make sure that the company is visible to potential and current audiences, using web analytics and creating quality content. Over 1 billion searches are done via everyday, and this number will only go higher. To make sure that your organization appears correctly and is properly positioned, the SEO specialist will provide the search engines with the information they need and value in order to rank your website appropiately.

Community manager 

To create a community around your organization is the last purpose of the social media strategy
To create a community around your organization is the last purpose of the social media strategy

To make sure that your corporate contents reach correctly their target audience through the social media channels, the community manager will act as intermediary between the firm and the online community, interacting with the fans and followers through the public profiles, and maximizing all the company’s messages. The key for this role is to create a strong liaison with all the public, and increase the brand loyalty, showing always empathy and interest for what the audience says. It involves a creative attitude as well as analytical skills to know how to adapt the contents to the different publics and achieve better results for the social media strategy.

Social Media Copywriter/Blogger

The main responsability for a social media copywriter is to create interesting and attractive online content to be used in the company’s blogs, social media networks, and any other online platform. The position requires not only excellent writing and editing skills, but also a deep understanding of the corporate values and goals, and strong insight of the target audience. They will always deliver relevant and engaging information, avoiding spam or annoying/boring contents. 


Do you know all these jobs? Do you consider them relevant for your online communication strategy?

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