Financial communication

We are strategists and communication consultants with a proven track record and consolidated experience in the financial sector.

We have specialized in the universe of savings, investment, financial consultancy, asset management and financial education.

We offer strategic consultancy and communication solutions, which are integral and made to measure, for Spanish and international financial firms.

We have worked, and we work, with clients in investment banking, private banking, commercial banking, fund managers, brokers, insurers, robo-advisors, fintech, wealthtech…

Our added value is that we become strategic partners for our clients, because we work with and alongside internal teams. We solve problems, suggest solutions, and we are there to apply defined tactics that are always based on planned communication strategies.

Based on these strategies, we help to identify realistic objectives, we implement them and we measure results with the flexibility needed to adapt to changes in the market and the progress of companies themselves. In communication, reputation and branding, we recommend a long-term vision.

That is why we do not confine ourselves to traditional financial communication, and we seek tools and trends that can help us to reach our objectives. According to the requirements, we can suggest a range of solutions. We can operate in a traditional manner or we can be disruptive according to the client’s needs. A financial firm that wants to connect with new generations via technology is not the same as a Fintech that needs to gain credibility in the market.

We count on a specialized multidisciplinary team, which means that we can cover all of the different communication needs that a financial firm may have: corporate communication, press office, relationship with the media, relationship with influencers, digital communication, marketing, advertising, media campaigns, crisis communication, spokesperson training, events, graphic design, audio-visual production, photography

We maintain a close and fluid relationship with national and international financial journalists, with whom we speak on a daily basis and with whom we work hand in hand.

We train executives so that they understand the role of communication within their organization, and so that they can become leading spokespersons in their respective sectors.

Communicating in an effective way and achieving your objectives is a complex task. With the help of the Silvia Albert in company team, year after year we have reached new levels of excellence: I believe that the service on offer is completely adapted to the needs of Inversis. More than an external service, you have the sensation that you are working with people from inside your own company, something that facilitates the relationship.

Juan Luís García AlejoInversis Banco - General manager of Inversis Gestión