Evergreen content: all you need to know

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Evergreen content refers to online content that maintains its relevance and value over time. Unlike fleeting trends and breaking news, evergreen content is timeless and can continue to attract traffic and audience engagement months, or even years, after its publication.

In this article we explore in depth what evergreen content is, why it is essential in digital marketing and how we can use it effectively to strengthen our brand’s online presence.

¿What is Evergreencontent?

evergreen content

Evergreen content means online content that maintains its relevance and value over time. It is essential in content marketing strategies, since it attracts constant traffic over time and helps establish a brand or website’s niche authority.

Examples of this type of content include detailed guides, tutorials, how-to’s and in-depth analysis on topics that last over time, such as skin care tips, financial investment techniques or health and wellness advice. Their creation and promotion can generate a steady flow of organic traffic and keep visitors engaged for a long time.

Examples of evergreen content in different niches

It can be found in a large range of niches and sectors. Some concrete examples can help illustrate its versatility.

  • Beginner’s guides: guides explaining fundamental concepts, from ‘How to start a blog’ to ‘Basic principles of equity investing’, are classic examples. The basics of these topics remain relevant to newcomers, no matter when the guide is published.
  • Cooking recipes: cooking recipes are an excellent example of this type of content in the food industry. Classic recipes, such as ‘How to make homemade tomato sauce’, continue to be sought after and useful over time.
  • Health and wellness tips: articles offering general health, wellness and fitness advice, such as ‘How to reduce stress’ or ‘Foods for healthy skin’.
  • Product reviews: detailed product reviews, especially of durable and popular products such as mobile phones or household appliances, are valuable and relevant long after publication. Consumers look to these reviews to make informed decisions.
  • History and culture: content that explores history, culture and historical events, such as ‘The Industrial Revolution’ or ‘The ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia’, remains relevant over time and attracts to students, enthusiasts and the curious.

Characteristics of evergreen content

It has several key features that make it valuable over time:

  • Enduring relevance: this type of content addresses issues or questions that do not go out of fashion. The concerns and needs that evergreen content responds to remain relevant no matter when it is accessed.
  • Informed information: it is based on solid and accurate information that provides reliable and basic information on the specific topic.
  • Solutions and answers: solves problems or answers common questions. Practicality is one of the main reasons why this type of content is so valuable.
  • Optional updates: although timeless, it can benefit from periodic updates to reflect changes or developments in a topic. However, the need for updates is much less frequent than in the case of trend-driven content.
  • SEO optimisation: it is often optimised for search engines. This increases its visibility and ensures that it continues to attract organic traffic over time.

Benefits of evergreen content

evergreen content

Long-term SEO improvement

This type of content is a powerful ally in sustainable SEO improvement. There are several reasons for this:

  • Continuous relevance: because this content addresses timeless questions and topics, it remains relevant and valuable to search engines over time. As searches are conducted around these queries, evergreen content has the ability to consistently rank in search results.
  • Backlinkgeneration: evergreen content is often cited and linked to by other websites. As it becomes a trusted referral source, it increases the probability that other websites will link to it, which in turn improves your site’s authority in the online world.
  • Low bounce rate: this type of content generally has lower bounce rates, as visitors find complete and valuable answers in it. This indicates to search engines that your content is relevant and satisfying to users, which can increase your rankings.
  • Keywords over time: keywords used in evergreen content are often consistent over time. This means that your content can rank for multiple related queries, generating a steady flow of organic traffic.
  • According to some studies, evergreen pontent can account for up to 90% of total organic traffic on a mature website. For example, a complete guide on ‘How to lose weight the healthy way’ published five years ago still attracts thousands of visitors every month, demonstrating the durability of this type of content.


Increased continuous traffic

Evergreen content is a consistent source of traffic over time because of its ability to address needs and questions of persistent audience. As people continue to search for answers to these questions, your content continues to attract visitors, which translates into:

  • Audience loyalty: evergreen content can keep your audience engaged and loyal over time. As they return for updates or reinforcement, a long-term relationship is established.
  • Increased visibility: the consistent traffic generated contributes to increased online visibility. As our site continues to attract visitors, it is more likely to be considered a trusted source by search engines.
  • Niche authority: keeping this type of content up-to-date and relevant demonstrates knowledge and authority in a specific niche. This can attract even more traffic and strengthen our website’s reputation.

How to create it?

evergreen content

Creating evergreen content requires a careful strategy to ensure that the information is relevant and valuable. Below is a structure we can follow to create truly effective content:

  • Timeless topic selection: identify topics that are in constant demand and not subject to rapid change. Research keywords and trends to understand what your audience is looking for.
  • In-depth research: thoroughly research your chosen topic to gather data, statistics, examples and case studies The more information you have, the better your evergreen content will be.
  • Organisation and structure: design a logical and easy-to-follow structure for your conten Use headings, sub-sections and bullets to make information accessible and digestible.
  • Write quality content: create high-quality, informative and accurate content. Make sure it is relevant and answers your audience’s key questions.
  • Regularly update: even if your content is timeless, it is important to review and update it regularly to maintain its accuracy and relevance.
  • SEO optimisation: use relevant keywords and optimise your content for search engines. This will help your content to be discovered by a wider audience.
  • Ongoing promotion: promote this type of content on social media, newsletters and other channels to ensure it reaches a wide audience and continues to generate traffic over time.
  • Encourage audience participation: encourage readers to leave comments, ask questions and share their opinion. This can generate ongoing discussions and keep content fresh. This can generate ongoing discussions and keep the content fresh.

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