Reputation building through brand experience

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At a time of social transformation such as the present, in which society and public opinion are increasingly demanding, entities and brands have the duty to respond with honest, close and human communication. Indeed, we have moved from the era of the customer who asks “What are you offering me?”, to the era of the consumer who is aware of his power and is interested in it: “How and for what purpose are you offering it to me”. Institutions can no longer focus their strategy on offering an excellent customer experience and placing the customer at the centre of their actions, they must go a step further and focus on the brand experience.

This presents a scenario in which brands must rise to the occasion and connect and speak to their audiences and stakeholders at an ever deeper level. The brand experience reminds us that brands are like people, and as such, they must have a purpose, values and personality, so that the public can interact with the brand not only on a rational level but also on an emotional level. This is according to the ‘IV study of brands with values’ which indicates that 60% of respondents value positively the fact that a brand has values. In this way, entities manage to create a long-lasting bond and connection with their stakeholders, which goes beyond the mere commercial transaction and involves touching the hearts and minds of consumers.

Purpose and values

This is how we understand it and put it into practice at Mutualidad. We have recently revisited our purpose and values, our brand promise as an entity, and we have done so in a collaborative way by co-creating with all our stakeholders. Only then will the result be connected to what they expect from the company.

Once we were clear about what drives us as an organisation, we moved forward in adapting our visual and verbal identity to our purpose and values, so that they would be consistent with each other. We thus defined a new range of colours that would set us apart from other entities in the insurance sector and that would help us to make visible, through our corporate colours, everything we set out to be: sustainable, inclusive, transparent, reliable and committed to the mutuality as a bulwark.

A meaningful experience

All this accompanied by a unique personality based on behaviours that will speak to our audiences in a proactive, honest, credible and empathetic way. We are embarking on a journey towards a more meaningful brand experience in which we are clear that all our actions must fulfil our purpose of improving the quality of life of our members, contributing to a more collaborative, fair and inclusive society.

In this sense, it is as important to set goals as it is to maintain consistency along the way to achieve them. The weight of consistency in building the reputation of any entity is very high. Organisations should be aware of how necessary it is to make sure that what you say always matches what you show yourself to be.

This closes the circle in which brands can not only meet the expectations of their stakeholders, but also become a reference in society. The journey towards a deeper brand experience lays the foundations for a future where authenticity, emotional connection and delivering value to society will be key elements in building and consolidating corporate reputation.

*Article written by Idoia Revuelta, Head of Communications at Mutualidad

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