5 advantages of podcasting in corporate communication

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To say that podcasts are trending is nothing new; The fact that they have been trending for several years and that their popularity continues to grow, puts us in the present day; What is clear is that podcasting is making a strong impact and can be a very effective tool in our communication strategy.

What is a podcast?

Perhaps some people have only recently discovered them, but the term podcast was coined by The Guardian, The Guardian, back in 2004 (it seems almost Pleistocene to me), because it could not find a way to describe this new format: a kind of radio broadcasting that was listened to on the iPod. Three years later, the English newspaper itself began to use it, and today it is one of its hallmarks;

A podcast is an audio content that we can consume through a file or streaming; Moreover, we can listen to it whenever we want, which gives us flexibility and freedom; This, as well as being able to be listened to on a variety of devices, is what has helped to increase its popularity;

According to the IAB Digital Audio Study, conducted in 2023, 6 out of 10 Spaniards aged 16-70 (19.3M) have consumed digital audio content in the last month; Listeners associate the concept of digital audio primarily with music (46%), followed by Podcast (32%) and Radio (31%);

Furthermore, if we delve into the length and format of the podcasts, almost half of podcast listeners (43%) don’t mind the length of episodes if they find the subject matter interesting, especially women.

Source: IAB Digital Audio Study;

According to Statista, by the end of 2021, approximately 620 million people were listening to podcasts worldwide; This figure, which represents an increase of 88.3 million compared to the previous year, represents a continuation of the positive trend that this format has been experiencing recently; Moreover, according to predictions, the number of listeners will continue to grow over the next five years to approach 962 million in 2027.

At comma agency we have our own podcast, El Elefante Verde, a space for debate, listening and provocation about conscious communication, its role in society and the responsibility of those of us who work in the sector;

Have you listened to it? Here are the different platforms for you to play it whenever you feel like it: Spotify, Apple Podcast and Ivoox

5 advantages that a podcast can bring to your communication strategy

1.- Attractive content in a format that is easy to consume

With a podcast you can reach people who, although they are interested in your products, services or company, cannot dedicate a minute of their time to them;

The great advantage of these audios is that they can be consumed wherever and whenever you want, while allowing you to do other activities, as they do not limit anything other than your hearing; It doesn’t understand time zones or locations, so it’s perfect for listening on the move;

2.- Specific topics for a selected audience

Radio is a means of communication that tries to generalise, to reach everyone, to include; Although podcasts in their natural evolution do not follow that path, far from it, but tend to address very very specific topics for very very specific audiences. To give you some examples, there are podcasts about minimalist gardening, blockchain or horses.

3.- It allows to build better and more loyal relationships

Precisely the specificity of the topic to be addressed, as we mentioned before, will be the key to connect directly with your segmented niche audience;

Having a dedicated audience makes it easier to create a much closer bond and more efficient relationships and, consequently, to win their loyalty; It is a way for users to identify with a brand;

4.- It requires less investment than videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and videos have become the soul of content, occupying an important place in the digital marketing of companies;

However, to make a quality video it is necessary to invest in a team of professionals working with good technical equipment; A podcast requires less equipment (a microphone, headphones and editing software could be very basic equipment), and is simpler to create than a video so it is going to need fewer resources.

5.- Internal communication tool

Podcastscan be very useful in the communication with the employees of a company, especially with those who are not usually in the office for different reasons: they telework, they are street salesmen, or they are in another city.

Audio enables direct and live communication, even if it is delayed, conveying commitment and closeness; It is easier to listen to audio while driving home after work than to read a memo from the CEO;

How can you use a podcast in your internal communication strategy?

We give you different ideas to use a podcast in your internal communication strategy:

Onboarding: To welcome people in a different way, showing in this podcast the values, mission, vision of the company, as well as the different steps to be carried out during the first weeks.

Editorial by the CEO or area manager:It can be approached in many ways, such as in the first person, telling an anecdote that leads to a professional lesson, in interview format…

Employee participation:telling their experiences, success stories of the department, success stories with clients…

In short, the podcast should be valued as another tool in our communication strategy, as long as it responds to clear objectives; From there it is a matter of measuring and optimising or giving up;

What are the most popular podcast platforms in Spain?

  • iVoox: iVoox is an online podcast and radio platform based in Spain; It is the leading platform in Spain with more than 10 million registered users and more than 15 million episodes available in several languages;
  • Spotify: Who doesn’t know Spotify? It is the ultimate music streaming platform, which also offers a wide selection of podcasts; In recent years, Spotify has invested heavily in podcast content and has acquired several podcast production companies to expand its content offering;
  • Apple Podcasts: this app comes pre-installed on all Apple devices; It is one of the oldest and most popular podcast platforms worldwide;
  • Google Podcasts: launched by Google in 2018; It is one of the newest platforms but is gaining popularity in Spain and other countries;
  • Podimo: Danish podcast platform that has expanded its content offering to other countries, including Spain; It offers a wide selection of podcasts and has invested in original productions to attract more users;

Technical requirements for making a podcast

There are some basic technical requirements to make a podcast, although, as you will see, it does not require too high an initial investment; Does this account for much of its success? Let’s see!

  1. Microphone: It is essential to have a quality microphone to record the audio of the podcast; There are different types of microphones on the market, from USB microphones to condenser microphones;
  2. Recording and editing software: you will need software to record the audio of the podcast and edit it afterwards; There are many options available, both free and for a fee, such as Audacity, Adobe Audition or GarageBand;
  3. Headphones: It is advisable to use headphones while recording the podcast to hear the audio and avoid feedback problems;
  4. Hosting and distribution platform: there are different platforms for hosting and distributing podcasts, such as Soundcloud, Podbean or Libsyn, among others; It is important to choose a platform that suits the needs of the podcast and allows for easy distribution;

In addition to these basic technical requirements, it is important to have a well-structured script and a good idea for the content of the podcast;

Anyone who sees or has experienced further advantages of including podcasting in the corporate communication strategy? Share it in the comments ¡Thank you!

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