Media intelligence: the service that makes it possible to be well informed;

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Things like infoxication or fake newsand the need for media, companies and institutions to adapt to this changing situation, make it increasingly important to keep track of the data that give us the media impact of our actions, a highly qualified approach that facilitates the work of brands and, therefore, improves the quality of service provided to customers. But, above all, it should lay the foundations for the positioning strategy, brand reputation or competitor analysis;

Why is media monitoring important?

The qualified monitoring of news by current affairs, sector, own brand, competition…, is a fundamental job for companies and especially key in the framework of different communication campaigns; Good data collection, analysis and monitoring will enable us to:

  • Knowing the market and the environment in which we operate, which is essential to offer customers the best service, with a daily reference of the real situation in which events are taking place.
  • Identify possible crises that may occur, since by monitoring the day-to-day, it enables us to detect possible threats, anticipating and giving us the possibility of defining an ad hoc strategy based on verifiable facts.
  • Just as it can help us to detect threats, it can do so with opportunities. When the information is daily, focused on your coordinates of interest and agile, you will be able to detect the insights best suited to your strategies.
  • And finally, it gives us the ability to get a better understanding of consumers, as well as the competition, through relevant news that involves them.

Therefore, for companies like AuditMedia, a Spanish media monitoring agency with more than 15 years of experience, investment in knowledge, R&D and production teams is essential to meet the increasingly complex and intense needs of brands.

It is essential for media intelligence companies to have own tools with which to correctly monitor, select, segment and analyse media, thus providing excellent 24/7 customer service. The information overloadin which we live increasingly demands an immediate, efficient, easy and excellent qualitative and quantitative assessment, and with a global approach that allows us to obtain the clearest picture of the reality we are experiencing.

The important thing is the team

New technological tools are enabling a faster and more efficient progress in media intelligence work; But the truth is that, in order to produce a quality news summary, it is necessary to have multidisciplinary and qualified teams – journalists, documentalists, analysts…, capable of working on management platforms such as Metaclipwhich brings together in one place the objectively selected and generated information, without noise or omissions from all and in all print, digital, social and audiovisual media; whose software is capable of managing, searching, segmenting, editing and obtaining reports, graphs, data and evaluations in a customised environment that is totally adapted to the needs of each client.

How media intelligence helps communication

For both communication and marketing departments, media intelligence will be an essential ally in their daily work;

In communication, media monitoring is a basic part of their responsibilities and is an indispensable part of their day-to-day work; It allows you to be aware of what is happening out there; of what is happening in society, in the economy, in politics; of what is happening in the sector in which you develop your activity or in those other sectors that, not being your own, can affect you; of what your main competitors say, do or talk about; of potential crisis situations… And, what is more important, of what is said about your own brand.

For marketing departments, this type of service will allow them to contrast the information they already have – such as traffic or leads – with the impact of a news story in the media; In addition, it will be able to measure the public perception and thefeedback on it with information. By tracking and analysing data, companies can assess which messages, channels and formats work best for their audience; This allows campaigns to be optimised in real time, adjusting budgets to get the best results;

The importance of measuring KPIs

Measuring KPIs is a fundamental aspect of evaluate the impact and results of the strategies in place. Without proper measurement, it is difficult to determine whether these strategies are generating positive results; KPIs provide data on reach, engagement, conversion and other key aspects that help evaluate the performance of media actions;

If results show that certain strategies or channels are not generating the desired results, adjustments can be made in real time to optimise performance; This allows for greater agility and adaptation as audience trends and preferences evolve;

This is why media intelligence plays a fundamental role in the measurement of KPIs, thanks to this tracking they can be measured and analysed to make informed decisions and thus obtain a complete and up-to-date view of the company’s performance in the different channels.

*Article by Francisco Javier Muñoz Fernández, business development director of Grupo Auditmedia

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