Women, Communication Agencies and Maturity

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Mature women at the head of Communication Agencies. Women, Communication Agencies and Maturity.

The equality between men and women will only arrive when there shall no longer be a need for International Women´s Day to even exist, similar to the Rare Disease Day or World Down Syndrome’s Day. Then, and only then, there will be no need for that differentiation which, although in a positive spirit, highlights a difference and, therefore, the inequality.

In the world of communication, there are more female professionals than male professionals, to some degree. However, as we have said before, this percentage does not reflect the number of women in company managerial positions in this sector. I am not going to talk about women at the head of communication agencies because there are few (too few) and, certainly, they are not leaders in any of the big publications or key online media outlets.

Even if there are more women in the department of communication in large companies (although it continues to be the case that percentage is very small), and the not so large companies, today I am not going to talk about them. Today I want to pay homage to the women at the head of Communication Agencies. Although there are a few of them, amongst the large agencies, the majority continues to be men.

But to have them means they exist. The six, who I have chosen, I hope they will forgive me as I have identified them because the are more or less my age. These five, who are now called fiftysomethings, who have had a most brilliant path and because I along with them am still here, giving it everything and even more despite our years or actually thanks to them. Carmen Valera; Teresa García Cisneros, Isabel Lozano; Nuria Vilanova, Teresa Abascal y Eloísa Alonso. The majority of us started in the world of journalism; but others did not and that is of no importance. We have been accomplishing many things for some years now as leaders in the sector. We have shown ourselves capable of reinventing ourselves from the time of the Teletype to the digital ecosystem without having lost a grain of good sense. Maturity, both physically and professional, is what it is.

None of us has needed a Professional Women’s Day to demonstrate who we are and where we are, neither to demonstrate our sex nor our professionalism because we have combined our private life and professional one in the greatest way possible and we have tried to rise to every occasion, both good and bad, and moreover, there have been many and significant changes in our professional work.

The communications sector owes a lot to all women and this selection is only a small representation of all women – the mature ones, the youthful ones and the very young ones – who are in communication, from company departments to communication agencies, great and small, or all those whose raison d’etre is to be individual professionals, like freelancers, accustomed to not shrinking before the work tie. An endless list of names keeps popping into my head when I reflect on this specific topic. This is a list thatis captured so well by wellcomm every year on the 8th March and, above all, by the great awareness that Rosa Matias, the head of wellcomm, shows in her interactions with every woman, especially those who are related to our sector.

My post today, on International Women´s Day goes to all of you, female work colleagues, friends, women – especially in the world of communication- with the great hope that the moment will come when it will no longer be necessary for us to have a special day.Congratulations female work colleagues, friends.


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