Monthly communication trends October 2022

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We have just released the second communication trends report (October 2022), which analyses conversations and media coverage around communication. As you know, we periodically analyse the key issues in the sector, the protagonists with the most impact and engagement, the issues generating the most conversation and their reach, and the media most active in outreach.

By publishing these monthly reports, we aim to enrich the profession and the sector, thanks to social, media and digital listening. By measuring and mapping relevant figures and themes, we provide professionals with a summary of the current situation in the sector so that we have as accurate a frame of reference as possible;

trends in communication october 2022


The conclusions of the October report are:

  1. Face-to-face, the source of content: the sector is recovering activity, and with it we observe a significant increase in events, which has been a source for the production of specialised content.
  2. Impact communication, a tool for positive impact? Does reaching out to more people by drawing attention to it lead to a real increase in awareness, or does it normalise it and make us insensitive?
  3. Emotional communication, a triumph in digital: content that connects with emotion generates more interaction and, in doing so, gets more visibility on social networks; This underlines the importance of emotional communication in digital;

In addition to these conclusions, the report mentions the four most relevant topics of October for and about the communication sector, including the role influencers play in a brand’s reputation, for both good and bad.

Regarding opinion leaders, the most relevant profiles byengagementthis month are the communication professionals Ángel Rojas y Marc Casanovas Ripoll. The most active profiles are from specialised media and other people in the sector; The leaders by audience are more heterogeneous, ranging from generalist media to the media teacher José Luis Orihuela.

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