Corporate communication

comma is an agency that specializes in corporate communication and public relations

Until 2018, the firm was called Silvia Albert in company. With more than 20 years of experience, the agency offers consultancy in the area of communication to companies, organizations and professionals.

We offer an integral focus on communication that combines all of the tools needed to find the best solution, adapted to objetives and always in line with the corporate values of our clients. Based on a work philosophy built together with the client, and with a multidisciplinary team, we help to define innovated solutions that are consistent with firms’ and organizations’ reason for being.

We know communication and we are dedicated to it as a fundamental management tool so that organizations can establish a genuine conversation with their target audience.

Since 1999, we have been offering a service to companies who know how to value a job well done and who are looking for a different way to manage their reputation and their brand.

We are convinced that our way of approaching communication is what has led us to be long-term partners for our clients. We get involved, we make their objectives our own and we work with enthusiasm to simplify, to solve problems, to drive our clients and to bring visibility to each of them.

We implement solid, consistent and realistic communication strategies  in order to achieve objectives; we create clear and concise position papers and content about companies and we design public relations and content marketing campaigns in which our clients’ experience and products are valued, whether through traditional or digital media, or social networks.

Via detailed external and internal communication plans that include the objectives, type of audience and DNA of our clients, we design action plans with clear timeframes, adjusted to the current climate and very closely linked to the different sectors in which we have experience.

As a press office, we realistically design the conversation with the media within an environment that is ever more complex and diverse, and in which there needs to be constant innovation and the design of new models, channels and languages.

We create relationships with journalists, influencers, opinion leaders and prescribers to transmit the key messages that set our clients apart from their competitors, based on transparency, confidence, truthfulness and professionality.

And the challenge continues. In an inter-connected world, where formats and communication channels evolve every day; in an environment in which the capacity for communication is multiplying… more than ever, organizations need honest, efficient, consistent and coherent advice. And above all, a lot of attention and a lot of affection. And that is what we are here for.

In our experience, the most professional agency, the one that takes the greatest initiative, is comma. It’s a pleasure to work with a team of professionals who have such an in-depth knowledge of our business and who count on a network of contacts in a large number of media outlets that are directly relevant to us.

Kyril Saxe-CoburgMan GLG - General Director for Iberia and Latin America