We have created FINCOM, a new European agency network specialising in financial services communications

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Who would have thought we would officially launch this exciting project from home, having started working on it a year ago? Yet here we are, working from home and announcing with great passion that Agencia comma has spearheaded, created, and presented FINCOM ALLIANCEthe European network for independent agencies specialized in financial communication.

Although it may not be the first, it is however the only one to integrate partners who share our work ethic: proactivity, demand based on the close collaboration with our clients, entrepreneurial spirit, and high-quality strategic advice. As leading agencies in each of our countries, we are the benchmark thanks to our specialization and proven experience in corporate communication and public relations within the financial sector (banking, investment, asset management, fintech, venture capital…). All our partners have a solid knowledge of their respective markets and have formed privileged relationships with local media. We also share our essence: independence, which allows us to guarantee a customized and close assessment, as well as top quality service at all times.

All this started after many years working alongside Thomas Egger, our Swiss counterpart, on shared projects for international asset managers, who set challenge: “We work so well together. Why don’t we search for other agencies just like ours, the best in the financial sector?”  The rest was smooth sailing. Energy beckons energy. We joined forces to create this constellation formed by star agencies: ALL Comunicação (Portugal), Liminal (United Kingdom), Fargo (France), Mymediarelation (Italy) and TE Communications (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) and us, Agencia comma (Spain).

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The creation of this network has become even more relevant than ever in our current global context, characterized by the COVID-19 crisis. The rules for corporate communication may require a complete rewrite as a result of the coronavirus.  The financial services sector is becoming increasingly competitive, complex, and challenging. Its digital transformation is picking up speed. Experts in asset management have explained how they expect their way of working to change completely on different media outlets. Unnecessary travel will be cancelled, processes will be automated to improve efficiency and distribution will be transformed. In this new world, the financial industry will need to work alongside with communication and public relations professionals who can help them stay on track. International communication solutions thus become a vital matter.

One of the main goals of this alliance is to break down barriers and multiply our abilities to work alongside our clients in their international expansion with our same strategic assessment in the fields of communication, consolidated knowledge in the financial sector, and a network of local contacts.  Thanks to FINCOM, comma now can offer coverage in Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

However, while many other networks of agencies coexist as platforms in which to exchange business, FINCOM has a different focus: we seek to collaborate and co-create. We will share information, ideas, and focus on new trends in the communication sector and the financial industry in our markets to guarantee that our clients make the most of our collective intelligence.

We want to thank the comma family; each and every one of the wonderful professionals who are part of our team and our CEO, Silvia Albert, who guides our team, as well as our international partners, because you have make this dream come true. And the path that still stretches before us! It is a pleasure to create synergies and strategies with great professionals who work for communication.

All the information has been included on the FINCOM website, which has been designed by the creative team at Agencia comma (Global Design) creating the brand image of the network. We are sure you will love it.

It has been a pleasure to tell you all of this from home, with my children interrupting me constantly, thanks to the distribution of work and the wonders of technology. The new world is here already, and it makes us shine even brighter.

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